Sunday, April 15, 2012

Setting tables..

I am setting tables with the four kinds of dinnerware lines, I´ve made. These pictures shows The crown in a little rough environment.

I also made two special offers with collected prices. (All the items could be bought as single items, though).

Dinner for four
4 plates of your choise, 2 oval dishes of your choise (deep or flat), 1 large bowl and 1 small bowl, 1 gravy boat, as shown on the photo above. Or....

Breakfast for two
2 coffee cups with under plates, 2 side plates, 2 small bowls, 2 egg cups and 1 serving plate, as shown on the above photo.

These items are shown in a kind of rough environment, use them as a contrast, and bring laces or more white to make them look much softer. Look for prices and have a look at all the items and more available under Dinnerware. More pictures are being added so keep an eye on the categories. The candlesticks on the first picture are added in the Decor section. The small zinc centre pieces, shown on the picture below, are added in the Decor section.


More pictures will follow, soon !


ViLma Oyarzún said...

i love love love you blog! you work!


Susanne said...

Thank you Vilma!!

luisa said...

beautiful..... all is beautiful!!!!! I have just go to see your etsy shop..... i cannot resist to your works!!!