Sunday, December 9, 2012

More XL Aubusson rugs

People have been asking me for more large rugs. I can only make them according to standard printing measurements, but I am adding a lot more of new (old) designs. A few of them are allready on ETSY right now and will be posted here under rugs too. So keep an eye open on both sites.



Lucille said...

Your rugs are gorgeous, Susanne. We have not seen much of you lately. Miss you. How are Louise and her husband getting on with the renovation of their house? Are they still as much in love? LOL! Hope so!

Susanne said...

Hi Lucille!
Very nice to hear from you! Miss you too, but it´s very hard keeping up with (a crawing) work, family, two blogs and the ETSY-shop at the same time.
I haven´t seen lot of Louise lately, but I know she bought a lot of items for the new house, a lots of books and a new kitchen for instance from ELF, but when do you get the time to collect it?
I have to pull myself together, I admit ;-) Will be back soon...

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